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Face Your Future

1. What is Face Your Future all about?

Face Your Future aims to help users visualise their desired retirement lifestyle and be aware of the estimated amount needed to enjoy their silver years.

The Face Your Future experience leverages facial recognition and artificial intelligence technologies to instantly help users visualise their retirement future by estimating the user’s current age, and creating a future portrait of the user at retirement age. Face Your Future’s personalised approach includes a proprietary algorithm that estimates the user’s retirement cost based on his/her choice of retirement lifestyle. Users can customise their lifestyle choices in Face Your Future, define their retirement preferences, decide when they want to retire, and visualise how they may look like in their golden years.

2. How can Face Your Future help me in Retirement Planning?

Face your future is an engagement tool that calculates an estimate of your retirement expenses based on the lifestyle you choose. Our retirement projection figure is based on national average and is designed to help you understand approximately how much you need for retirement. Face Your Future encourages you to initiate further and more detailed planning for your retirement.

3. How does Face Your Future estimate my monthly retirement lifestyle expenses?

Your retirement cost estimates are derived using our proprietary algorithm and on a baseline bundle of goods. The algorithm uses the current cost of goods and a projected inflation to estimate costs of living when you retire.

We use an annual inflation rate of *3% pegged to your choice of retirement lifestyle and future expenditure. This includes cost of groceries, eating out, leisure, transport, health care, and other personal and general household expenses that reflect our population averages. Mortgage repayments are not included here; home ownership is assumed at time of retirement. This baseline bundle of goods was built from a **study conducted by faculty from National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technology University, Singapore, which is cited below.

Our retirement projection number is based on a national average. To get a retirement projection that is personal and tailored to you, check out our digital financial planning tool, DBS NAV Planner. We’ll map out your monthly cashflow requirements based on your actual finances, along with inflation and income growth rates across time. Best part, you can edit them too!

*An inflation rate of 3% p.a. is applied, in line with the proposed 3% p.a. increase in the Basic Retirement Sum. (Source: CPF)

** Citation: Ng, Kok Hoe; Teo You Yenn; Neo Yu Wei; Ad Maulod; Ting Yi Ting. 2019. What Older People Need in Singapore: A Household Budgets Study. Singapore: