DBS iWealth


  • What is DBS iWealth?
    The new DBS iWealth is our all-in-one wealth management tool. It allows you to have an in-depth view of your wealth portfolio, access relevant insights, stay informed via alerts, transact and invest conveniently, anytime anywhere.
  • How do I access DBS iWealth?

      DBS iWealth is available to clients of:

    • DBS Treasures
    • DBS Treasures Private Clients
    • DBS Private Bank
    • Simply log on to DBS iWealth to bank, trade and keep track of your wealth portfolio.


  • What are the new features in DBS iWealth?

      With the new DBS iWealth, you can:

    • Trade equities in Singapore, US, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia and Hong Kong markets
    • Invest in over 400 unit trusts in 12 different currencies
    • Invest in foreign exchange anytime
    • Remit funds overseas
    • Access news, research and insights automatically based on your portfolio and transactions
    • Track your favorite equity and get timely notifications on your investments
  • How do I access the other banking features such as Funds Transfer and Bill Payment?
    For your day-to-day banking needs, click on the “Banking” on the navigation bar of DBS iWealth Internet Banking or on the navigation of DBS iWealth Mobile app.
  • How do I access the Online Trading Platform?
    For Online Trading, click on “Invest” on the navigation of DBS iWealth Internet Banking or on the navigation of DBS iWealth mobile app.
  • What are the other changes made in the new DBS iWealth?
    • Transaction History – View your past wealth portfolio transaction history in “Transactions” under Wealth Management. View your banking account transaction history in “Transaction History” under Banking.
    • eStatements and eAdvices – View your latest and past eStatements or eAdvices under in “Requests” under Wealth Management.
  • I don’t see a Invest tab at the top bar.
    You may not have a DBS Wealth Management Account.
    You can open your DBS Wealth Management Account online through “Wealth Management” on the navigation bar under “Request” - Open Wealth Management Account.

    Alternatively, please speak to your Relationship Manager to open one today.
  • I have access to Online Equity Trading and I would like to trade in US and Canada markets. How do I proceed?
    If you have access to Online Equity Trading, you can trade in the Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan and the UK markets.

    To trade in the US and Canada markets, you need to accept the “Exchange Agreements”. You can access this on DBS iWealth Internet Banking , in “Invest” under Online Equity Trading > My Account > Account Management > Market Data for US/Canada.
  • Do I need to have a Wealth Management Account to purchase Unit Trusts through the Online Funds Trading platform?
    Yes, Online Funds Trading is only available for Wealth customers with an eligible DBS Wealth Management Account.

    Online Funds can only be purchased using cash option.
  • DBS iWealth can be accessed on both desktop and mobile devices. Is there a difference in terms of features?

      Some features are only available on DBS iWealth Internet Banking but not on DBS iWealth mobile app:

    • Portfolio View
      • Portfolio Allocation Tab: Geography Allocation & Sector Allocation
      • Portfolio Analysis Tab
      • Transaction history: key word search function
    • Trading
      • Online Funds Trading
      • OET functions: Access USD/CAD Exchange Agreements, Market Data , News , Transaction Features , Tools , Account Management , Resources
    • Research
      • Key word Search in research section
      • bookmark function
    • Other Services
      • Manage SMS/ Email notifications
      • Live Chat
      • eStatements and eAdvices services
  • What are the types of notifications available through DBS iWealth?

      We have two type of Alerts: Price Alerts and Other Alerts.

    • Price Alerts
      • Assets covered: Equity, FX, Fund, Fixed Income
      • Markets covered: SG, HK, US, CA, AU, JP, UK
    • Other Alerts
      • Corporate Action
      • Equity Trading
      • Funds Trading
      • Other Investment Orders
      • Product Maturity
      • CAR Alert
      • Passport Expiring Alert
      • Research Subscription Alert
  • How do I download a copy of my Holdings or Transaction History?
    There is a download button displayed on both the “Holding” and “Transaction” pages under “Portfolio”.
  • How do I find my corporate account portfolios?
    Your corporate account can be found under “Related Portfolio” in the home page
  • How do I manage Email and SMS Notification?
    Log in to DBS iWealth Internet Banking and select the Gear icon at the top right hand corner of the platform. Select “Manage Email and SMS Notifications”.
  • How do I increase or change my daily transfer limit using iWealth?
    Select “Banking” on the navigation bar in DBS iWealth Internet Banking under Transfer > More Transfer Services > Change Local Transfer Limit / Change Overseas Transfer Limit
  • How do I view my total assets on the Home page?
    Click on “Show Quick Summary” on the top right corner of home page.