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Lower than HDB

concessionary loan rates

Protection against

sudden loss of income and unfortunate events with Home Payment Care

Earn up to

3.8% p.a on your savings with the DBS Multiplier
No minimum salary, no minimum credit card spend. Multiply your money today!

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Interest Rates


Apply for a DBS Home Loan online, anytime, anywhere. Enjoy this new experience and you could fix your monthly repayment and be protected against sudden loss of income and the unfortunate events!

This is only valid for completed HDB flats in Singapore with minimum loan amount of S$100,000.

Floating Rate Package With 1-Year Lock-in

Year 1: Year 2: Year 3:
FHR8 + 1.13% p.a. FHR8 + 1.13% p.a. FHR8 + 1.13% p.a.
FHR8 + 1.13% p.a.

5-Year Fixed Rate Package

Year 1: Year 2: Year 3:
2.00% p.a. 2.00% p.a. 2.00% p.a.
Year 4: Year 5: Thereafter:
2.00% p.a. 2.00% p.a. FHR8 + 1.05% p.a.

FHR8 refers to DBS Bank's prevailing 8 months Singapore Dollar fixed deposit rate for amounts between S$1,000 and S$9,999 or such other sum as we may specify. It is currently 0.950% p.a.

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Protection against sudden loss of income and unfortunate events

A home loan requires monthly repayment, and you could lose your repayment ability during a sudden loss of income or an unfortunate event.

With POSB HDB Loan, you enjoy Home Payment Care which helps you pay for your home loan repayments and receive other pay out as follows:

Event Benefit Amount
Involuntary loss of employment Up to 3 monthly home loan repayments, capped at S$2,500 per month

Continuously unemployed for at least 60 calendar days. No claim within the first 30 calendar days of loan disbursement.
Accidental Death Benefit Up to S$30,000
Accidental Permanent Disability Benefit Up to S$30,000

5 Simple Steps to More Savings


Some Handy Tips and Tools

Home Loan Repayment Calculator

Figure out your monthly instalment.


Home Loan Interest Savings Calculator

Calculate your savings when you refinance your HDB Loan with DBS.


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