Features & Benefits

  • Complete Flexibility
    You determine the minimum balance# in your DBS/POSB Savings or Current Account(s), and the top-up amount^ from your DBS Cashline Account.
  • Seamless Integration
    Link up to 10 DBS/POSB Accounts (5 Savings and 5 Current Accounts) to your DBS Cashline Account. You can even link the accounts of your loved ones.
  • Greater Control
    Reduce the chances of declined transactions, bounced cheques, and returned GIRO payments on your DBS/POSB Savings or Current Account(s).

Easy set up

  • Indicate the Savings/Current Account(s) you wish to link up with DBS Cashline Auto Top-Up.
  • Determine the minimum balance# in Savings/Current Acccount(s) for DBS Cashline Auto Top-up to be activated.
  • State the top-up amount^. (min. top-up amount is S$50)
  • DBS Cashline will auto top-up your designated Savings/Current Account(s) with the amount stated, when it falls below the minimum balance#.

Amendment / Termination of Cashline Auto Top Up

You can amend / terminate an existing Auto Top-up arrangement by completing the form here.

Alternatively, you may choose to visit any DBS branch for such a request.

a request.

How to apply

Login now If you have iBanking
Apply now Not an iBanking customer?

Click here for DBS Cashline Auto Top-up Terms & Conditions.
# Minimum balance refers to the minimum amount in the Savings/Current Account(s) before activation of auto top-up.
^ Top-up amount refers to the amount you wish to withdraw from your DBS Cashline to top-up the Savings/Current Account(s), when the balance falls below the minimum balance.

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