SMS Banking FAQ

1)   What is SMS Banking?

A fast and convenient way to get your account and card information on the go! All you have to do is send us an SMS with a short keyword command and you’ll get a reply instantly!

2)   How does it work?

To start using SMS Banking, you have to register by sending an SMS to 77767 in this format:
Register<space>NRIC/Passport<space>last 4 digits of your preferred account* number

*Your preferred account is the main account that will be used to fund all financial transactions you perform via SMS Banking. This is restricted to personal accounts only, not available for joint accounts.

Upon successful registration, you’ll be able to check your account balance, perform first-party transactions and more.

*Please take note that the SMS Banking service is currently only available for customers with DBS/POSB bank accounts and/or Credit Cards.

3)   Are there charges to enrol for SMS Banking?

This is a free service. Only regular SMS charges by your mobile operator will apply.

4)   Is SMS Banking restricted to any particular Singapore mobile service provider?

It’s available with all three mobile operators - M1, SingTel, and Starhub.

5)   What if I am using an overseas mobile service provider?

SMS Banking is only available via local mobile service providers in Singapore and not accessible by overseas mobile service providers.

6)   I have just changed my mobile service provider but retained my existing mobile number using the full mobile number portability solution. Do I need to update the bank?

As long as there’s no change in your mobile number, no updates are needed. However, you may experience some service disruptions when your mobile number is being switched from your old mobile service provider to the new one. The service disruptions may last up to three hours.

7)   I have changed my mobile phone number. Do I need to inform the Bank?

Yes, as SMS Banking services and transaction alerts may contain your account information, it is important to update the bank when you change your mobile number.

You can update your mobile phone number via:

8)   Will I be able to use SMS Banking services when I am overseas?

Yes, you can continue to use SMS Banking services. However, you may experience a delay when you are overseas due to variations in the network/traffic of overseas mobile operators.

9)   How do I know if SMS Banking is secure?

SMS Banking only works on registered mobile numbers. You must use the mobile number registered with the Bank to enjoy these services. As a gentle reminder, kindly update the Bank immediately if there are any changes to your contact details.

10)   Do I have to register for all SMS Banking services?

No, registration is only required for selected services. The following services do not require pre-registration:

  1. Card Activation
  2. Allow card’s magnetic stripe for overseas use
  3. Disallow card’s magnetic stripe for overseas use

11)   Are SMS Banking replies immediate?

Yes, upon sending the SMS keyword command, you will receive an SMS notification immediately to let you know that the transaction has gone through. Delays in receiving the SMS could be due to network or reception issues.

12)   Is the funds transfer function via SMS Banking immediate?

Yes, Fund transfers are immediate between your DBS/POSB Current and Savings Accounts. However, Credit Card transfers take about one working day to be reflected in your account history.

13)   Can I make a payment of any amount for my Credit Card bill using SMS Banking?

No, for Credit Cards, you can either make the minimum or full payment of the month’s outstanding amount.

14)   I have already paid the minimum outstanding amount for my credit card via SMS. Can I still make the full payment?

Yes, you may still SMS Pay<space>Card<space>Full<space>card's last 4 digits

15)   I am a Supplementary Credit Cardholder, will I be able to use SMS banking services for Credit Card related enquiries/transactions?

No. SMS Banking services for Credit Card related enquiries/transactions are not available for Supplementary Cardholders. These services are only available for Principal cardholders.

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