Important information before you travel

Allow your Cards' magnetic stripe for overseas use

In line with the industry's measures to enhance Cards' security, the magnetic stripe on all DBS/POSB Credit, Debit and ATM Cards was disabled for overseas use on 22 September 2013. With the Cards' magnetic stripe disabled for overseas use, the risk of unauthorised transactions being effected on the Card will be reduced.

The following overseas functions may be affected when the Cards' magnetic stripe is disabled:

The data on EMV chip is protected by encryption. As such, the EMV chip (if any) on all Cards remains active for local and overseas transactions. However, as the EMV chip for transaction processing is not widely accepted at all destinations, you may wish to allow the magnetic stripe of your Card(s) for overseas use before travelling.

If the magnetic stripe for overseas use is disabled, your card can still be used overseas at EMV chip enabled terminals and/or ATMs.

Enabling the magnetic stripe for overseas use is meant for countries such as, but not limited to, the USA, Japan and Korea which still predominantly use magnetic stripe terminals.

You may wish to allow/disallow overseas use on your Cards' magnetic stripe via either of the following channels:

  1. SMS
  2. DBS/POSB iBanking
  3. DBS/POSB Digibank app
  4. Any DBS/POSB ATM in Singapore

It is recommended that you set the magnetic stripe on your Card(s) to disallow overseas use when you are in Singapore.

Here's how you can allow/disallow your Cards' magnetic stripe for overseas use:

SMS to 77767:

Please note: Service is currently unavailable to DBS Business Advance Debit Cards and DBS Virtual Cards.


DBS Digibank app:

Please note: Service is currently unavailable to DBS UnionPay Debit Cards and POSB UnionPay ATM Cards.

DBS/POSB ATM in Singapore:

Important Note: Please ensure that your mobile phone number is updated in our records via DBS/POSB iBanking/any Branch to receive the SMS Alerts.

For more information, please refer to our FAQ.