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Be among the first to enjoy more travel perks when you book your next trip with the new DBS Travel Marketplace (Beta).

Book flights from Singapore Airlines, or choose from more than 500,000 hotels worldwide from Expedia! What’s more, book seamlessly and offset your travel expenses with your DBS Points or POSB Daily$, all in one place.

Key Features

Go further with your DBS Points

Instantly offset your flight and/or hotel booking with your DBS Points or POSB Daily$.

Complimentary travel insurance with every booking

Get up to S$200,000 insurance coverage for all travelers so you can explore places with peace of mind.

Book flights with the World’s Best Airline

Start your travels right by booking your Singapore Airlines flight to many destinations around the world.

Choose from a wide range of hotels

Whether it’s a romantic retreat for 2 or a solo expedition around the world, book your home away from home here.

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