Understanding the Different Bill Payment Modes

Find out the different bill payment modes available to you and when you should use it.

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Important information

  • If you are having trouble making payment to your Citibank Credit Card or American Express Credit Card, please use the following Bill Payment Modes:
    Credit Card Type Bill Payment Mode
    American Express Credit Card Bill Payment
    Citibank Credit Card Pay Other Bank’s Credit Card

Frequently Asked Questions

Differences Between Bill Payment and Pay Other’s Bank Credit Card
  • A One-Time Bill Payment is a fast and easy way to make a single, non-recurring payment with different reference number to the same billing organisation. You are required to provide the reference number each time you make a One-Time Bill Payment.
  • A Regular Bill Payment allows you to make frequent payments to organizations with the same bill reference number conveniently, please Add your Billing Organisation to your recipient list.
  • If you need to make payments to different bill reference numbers for the same organisation, please select the One-Time Bill Payment option.
  • There are certain billing organisations that only allows One-Time Bill Payment made to them. For example:
    • If you are required to make a payment to LTA-Fine Payment, this billing organisation will only reflect in the One-Time Bill Payment service in digibank.
    • Please refer to the table below for the list of billing organisations which only allows One-Time Bill Payment.
      List of billing organisations which only allows One-Time Bill Payment
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      Adventist Rehab Ctr (Donation)
      Amkfsc Community Service
      Arc(s)-E2C Donation
      Assisi Hospice
      Cerebral Palsy Alliance
      Club Rainbow (Singapore)
      Community Chest of Singapore
      Dover Park Hospice (Donation)
      Down Syndrome Association(s)
      Icbc-Renminbi Credit Cards
      Icbc-Visa USD Credit Card
      Iras-Others (Pymt Slip No.)
      James Cook University
      Kaplan Higher Ed Institute Pl
      Lta-Fine Payment
      Methodist Welfare Services
      Nhg Polyclinics
      Nkf S'pore
      Philip Morris Spore
      Shine Children And Youth Services
      Silra Home Donation
      Singapore Children's Society
      Singapore General Hospital
      Singapore Red Cross (Donation)
      Singtel Touching Lives Fund
      Spectra Secondary School
      St School Pocket Money Fund
      The Singapore Cheshire Home
      Touch Community Services
      Yellow Ribbon Fund
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