Lost/Cancel QR Gift

Simply cancel the particular QR Gift under DBS PayLah! QR Gift dashboard.

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Important Information

  • Each QR Gift has a unique serial number. If the QR Gift is lost or stolen, you may cancel the particular QR Gift under Your QR Gift dashboard in DBS PayLah! which will have a listing of the QR Gift serial numbers.
  • Please note that QR Gift cards that are uploaded with money are equivalent to gifts with cash in them!
  • The QR Gift will expire on the date as indicated by the giver during the loading process. Unredeemed funds loaded to QR Gift cards will be returned to the giver’s PayLah! wallet after expiry. Please remind your loved ones to redeem the QR Gift before expiry date.

Steps to cancel your QR gift

  • Click on History and select QR Gift.
  • Find the particular QR Gift serial number and select it to cancel.
    Once cancellation is completed, the funds will be refunded immediately to your PayLah! wallet.
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