Commemorative LKY100 Coin

Coin Exchange

If you have missed your LKY100 coin collection during your MAS allocated period, simply visit our branches for the coin exchange from 4 to 30 December 2023, or any of the other participating bank branches as listed on MAS website.

For coin exchanges at DBS / POSB branches, please check the daily availability slots here and plan your trip to the branch accordingly. No appointment is required.
We offer several convenient payment options for your coin exchange, including:
  • PayLah!/PayNow
  • Direct deduction from your DBS/POSB Account if you hold an account with us
  • Cash

Please note that coin collection and payment can only be made at our branch counters.
There is no priority queue. The coin exchange is on first-come-first-served basis. Please check the daily availability slots here and plan your trip to the branch accordingly.
The SMS Q system is not applicable to the LKY100 coin exchange. Please check the daily availability slots here and plan your trip to the branch accordingly.
Please bring your NRIC, passport or work pass for the exchange. As we encourage more customers to live sustainably, you are advised to bring your own bag if you intend to exchange more coins.
No, you can visit our branches or any other participating banks to exchange the number of coins that you prefer.
Yes, you can. However, the payment of the coins can only be made via your account for non-cash options such as PayLah!, PayNow and direct deduction from your account with us.
Yes, you can return to our branches or visit any other participating banks to make multiple exchanges. However, you are encouraged to exchange the total number of coins you prefer in one visit to minimise your inconvenience.
Yes, you can exchange for more at our branches or any other participating banks. You are not restricted to visit the same bank or branch for your next exchange.

Branch Collection Slot Availability

The status is updated daily and represents the availability of collection slots on the same day. Simply check the status here and plan your trip to the branch accordingly.


According to the MAS, this is a one-off issuance, and most members of the public will likely collect them as keepsakes. As such, our coin deposit machines will not be calibrated to accept the commemorative coins.
The LKY100 commemorative coin package consists of a beautifully designed LKY100 coin enclosed in a protective capsule. Along with the coin, you will also receive a special folder to keep and showcase this meaningful keepsake.
No, you are not required to do so. Simply exchange for the LKY100 coins from 4 December 2023 without applying to MAS or making an appointment for collection.
Our coin exchange period ends on 30 December, or when stocks run out, whichever is earlier.

For more information on LKY100 coin, you may refer to 100th Birth Anniversary of Mr Lee Kuan Yew Commemorative Coin.
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