DBS Manage Offers & Insights Notifications

We want you to feel confident in managing your preferences.

You can now customise the types of content that interests you and how you receive it (e.g. email, push notifications).

From smart insights to grow and protect your money to personalised offers, you will only get content that matters to you most.

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Important information

  • Changes to notification settings can take up to 3 business days to take effect.

How to manage DBS Offers & Insights Notifications

digibank Mobile
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Step 1
Log in to digibank Mobile with your Touch / Face ID or digibank User ID & PIN. Tap on More to proceed.
Step 2
Under App & Security Settings, tap on Manage Notifications.
Step 3
Customise your notifications for:
  • Card offers
  • Product offers
  • Insights and events
Tap Next to proceed.
Step 4
Review the changes and tap on Submit to proceed.
Step 5
An email will be sent to the registered email address after a successful submission.
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can now customise the types of content and the channel to receive offers and insights notifications. To opt in for personalised content, simply follow the instructions above to manage your preferences.
You will no longer receive any Card offers, Product offers and Insights if you choose to “Turn off Notifications” when prompted in digibank Mobile.

You will still get important transaction notifications based on your banking alert preferences. It’s how we keep your account secure with us.
Update your preferences anytime via digibank mobile. Click on More tab > Manage Notifications.
You’ll need to ensure that your push notification preference is opted in to receive messages in your notification inbox. Click on More tab > Manage Notifications to update.
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