Replace DBS Physical Token

DBS Physical Token out of battery or damaged? Visit our Video Teller Machine (VTM) to get an instant replacement today.

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Replace your DBS Physical Token Instantly at our Video Teller Machine (VTM).
  • Find the nearest Video Teller Machine (VTM) using our Locator.
  • Insert your NRIC, ATM/Debit/Credit Card or scan your Passport and complete the authentication process.
  • Select iB Secure Device followed by Yes to proceed.
  • Select the Reason for Replacement.
  • Collect your new DBS Physical Token and proceed to register the device.
  • Scan the barcode on the DBS Physical Token.
  • Input your 6-digit iB Secure PIN and press Confirm to complete the registration.
  • To operate the Video Teller Machine (VTM), you may use either your NRIC, ATM/Debit/Credit Card or Passport.

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