Transfer via Paynow UPI (India)

Transfer funds to India using Paynow UPI instantly via PayNow.

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Important information

  • A Singapore PayNow user sending money to India will need to key in the recipient’s registered UPI identity (UPI ID).
  • You may send money using Paynow UPI to the following Banks in India.
    • Axis Bank (@axisbank)
    • DBS India (@dbs) 
    • ICICI Bank (@icici) 
    • Indian Bank (@indianbank) 
    • Indian Overseas Bank (@iob) 
    • State Bank of India (@sbi) 
  • This service is only for cross-border transfers to a UPI ID registered directly with these participating banks (recipient should have an account with one of the 6 Indian participating banks and should also have UPI ID of the same bank).
  • Transfer up to $1000 per day.
  • An India UPI user sending money to Singapore will need to key in the recipient’s registered PayNow mobile number.
  • UPI users in the following Banks in India will be able send money to Singapore via Paynow UPI:
    • ICICI Bank
    • Indian Bank
    • Indian Overseas Bank
    • State Bank of India
  • Incoming transactions via Paynow UPI will be credited in SGD to your PayNow linked account.

How to Transfer via Paynow UPI (India)

You may Transfer via Paynow UPI (India) via digibank Mobile.

digibank Mobile
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Step 1
Launch your digibank mobile app and log in with your Touch / Face ID or digibank User ID & PIN.
Step 2
Tap Pay & Transfer.
Step 3
Select PayNow followed by UPI (India).
Step 4
Select bank account to transfer from and enter your recipient’s UPI ID.
Step 5
Input transfer amount, select purpose of transfer and tap Next.
Step 6
Review your details and tap Transfer now to submit the request.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Please note you will receive two notifications if your funds are successfully transferred to your recipient. The first notification indicates a successful submission of your request. An additional notification will be sent to you when the transfer has been successfully, or unsuccessfully made to the recipient. You can also refer to your bank account balance to check if the funds have been successfully debited.
As part of the PayNow-UPI service, a sender may ‘look up’ a UPI ID Proxy to see the name which is associated with that UPI ID Proxy, before initiating a transfer. The purpose of this feature is to provide the sender with a degree of assurance that he will be transferring the funds to his intended recipient, and so help to prevent erroneous transfers.
Your recipient needs to have registered for UPI with one of the India banks participating in PayNow-UPI.

The account and the UPI handle of the recipient’s should be any of the combinations given below:
Beneficiary Account with UPI ID Handle
Axis Bank @axisbank
DBS Bank India @dbs
ICICI Bank @icici
Indian Bank @indianbank
Indian Overseas Bank @iob
State Bank of India @sbi
Yes, you will receive email notifications to your DBS-registered email address.
Yes. For transfer via digibank app, you will receive this notification via email, SMS or Push note, according to your PayNow Outgoing alerts setting. You can change this under Manage alerts page.
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