Bill Payment in Advance

You can make bill payments in advance easily using digibank Online or digibank Mobile.

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If you are travelling overseas and are afraid of missing your Bill Payment dates, use our Post-Dated Bill Payment option in digibank Online and digibank Mobile to ensure that your bills are paid on time!

You may set Post-Dated Bill Payments up to 30 Days in advance; funds will be deducted one working day before the effective date of payment.

Please maintain a sufficient balance in your debiting account on the deduction date.

digibank Online
  • Log in to digibank Online with your User ID & PIN and complete the authentication process.
  • Choose the Billing Organization you wish to make payment to.
    (If the Billing Organization is not in your pre-arranged list, follow the steps in Add new billing organization).
  • Indicate the Amount you wish to transfer.
  • Indicate the Date for the Payment to be made.
  • Click Next.

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digibank Mobile
  • Log in to digibank Mobile with your Touch / Face ID or digibank User ID & PIN.
  • Tap Pay & Transfer and select Bills.
  • Choose the Billing Organisation you wish to make payment to.
    (If the Billing Organisation is not in your pre-arranged list, follow the steps in Add Bill Payment Organisation).
  • Enter the Amount you wish to transfer.
  • Tap Immediate to select the date you wish to make payment on.
  • Tap Next to review the details and tap Pay Now to complete your bill payment request.

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