One Time Password (OTP) for Online Transactions

Some websites require a SMS one-time password(OTP). If you have not received it, it may be due to a non-updated mobile number. Refer to this article for assistance!

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Always check that the credit card transaction that you are intending to make is a direct purchase and do not provide an OTP to authorize the payment if it is not.

Verify the details of the messages received from DBS. Always check that the messages reflects your intended actions and do not proceed or authorize any suspicious transactions.

You will not receive OTP for online transactions if:

  • The merchant website you are transacting on does not support 3D Secure™ technology, an online security feature powered by Visa, Mastercard and AMEX for credit card transactions performed online.

    Merchant websites that support 3D Secure™ technology will incorporate the following logos:

  • Your mobile number is not updated correctly with us. Refer to our article to find out how you can update your mobile number.

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