Protect Yourself at ATMs

Learn about the different protective measures you can take whenever you use an ATM, be it locally or overseas.

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Common threats
There are many different types of ATM fraud. The most common ones reported locally are,

  • Card Skimming - A user's personal banking information is stolen, by a device illegally fitted on an ATM.
  • Card Fraud - Someone uses your card or card number without your knowledge and uses it to make transactions.
  • Theft of PIN (e.g. Shoulder Surfing) - Fraudsters employ various methods to steal your PIN when you use the ATM.

Protective measures
To ensure that you get the highest level of protection against fraud whenever you use the ATM, practice these good banking habits:

  • Safety First - Use the ATM in well-lit and safe locations. If you notice anyone suspicious around the location, use another ATM.
  • Be Observant - If something about the ATM does not seem or 'feel' right, then stop your transaction and use another ATM. Do not remove any suspicious devices from the ATM, as it may be under surveillance by fraudsters.
  • Card is Cash - Consider your ATM card to be representative of all the cash you have in your bank account. Don't leave your card where you would not feel safe leaving all your cash.
  • ATM PIN Is Your Key - Treat your PIN as the keys to all the money in your bank account. Don't reveal it to anyone - not a family member, a bank employee, or any other person. Make it a point to change your pin on a regular basis.
  • Shield Your PIN - Check the mirror at the ATM, to make sure no one is looking when you enter your PIN. Use your free hand, wallet or purse to shield your keying.

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