Transaction Limit

Customise your daily transaction limit preferences via digibank to prevent large transactions from occurring if your account were to be compromised.

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  • Be prudent - set a lower daily limit for transactions such as local transfers and overseas transfers. That way, if your account were to be compromised, your daily limit would prevent large transactions that could otherwise empty your account.
  • You can set the threshold amount via digibank mobile/online for:
    • Transfer to DBS/POSB accounts
    • Transfer to other bank accounts
    • Transfer to overseas accounts
    • Bill payment limit
    • D2Pay limit
    • Overseas Visa transfer limit
    • Visa or MasterCard debit limit
  • DBS will send you an SMS alert when there are any suspicious transactions, such as large sum transactions or overseas payments performed digitally. Should these be unauthorised transactions, call the Bank to stop the payments.

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