Beware of Online Threats

Stay alert when you install, download or access any web pages that is from an unknown sender. Common types of threats include phishing and malware.

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Attackers use phishing to steal your personal or financial information. Phishing sites try to mimic legitimate sites, services or familiar personas to trick you into providing your data. These emails and websites may contain documents or links that may request for sensitive information or contain malware to compromise your data.

If you’ve received emails purportedly from your bank asking you to login to your account, here are some basic precautions you should take:
  • Be alert. Check that you are using the official DBS website by going directly to or
  • Do not click on links sent through mediums such as emails, SMSes and Whatsapp. Offers that sound too good to be true are probably fake.
  • Do not enter your banking account information (especially your PIN or password) to any non-DBS services such as websites, applications or phone calls. They could be phishing sites or fraudsters, out to mine your information for ulterior motives.
  • Do not give out your password or PIN via email, SMS, or other messaging programmes.
  • Beware of "Official notices" that request for your bank login credentials.
  • Go to to learn more about known phishing emails and websites targeting DBS customers.
  • If still in doubt, contact your bank or supposed sender to confirm that the communication came from them.

Malware or malicious software is designed to gain access to your computer systems without your consent. When installed, malware can steal your personal and financial information. Install anti-virus software and the latest security patch on the devices you use to access DBS iBanking and the digibank app, to help prevent malware infection.

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