Trade online using CPF/SRS Funds

Things to take note of before you trade on your DBS Vickers Online Trading Account using your CPF/SRS funds.

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Important information

  • To start trading online using funds or shares in your CPF/SRS account, please ensure you have linked your CPF/SRS Account to your DBS Vickers Online Trading Account.
  • Please be reminded to check your shareholdings, available trading limits (for CPF), and funds in your CPF/SRS accounts before selecting CPF/SRS as the settlement mode.

Placing an online trade

  • Log in to DBS Vickers Online.
  • Click on Trade and select Place Order.
  • Choose either CPF or SRS as the settlement mode.
  • For more details on placing a trade, click here.

More information

  • Settlement currency for CPF/SRS trades must be in Singapore Dollars.
  • Your agent bank will settle your trade with us using your cash or shares in your CPFIS/SRS account. Find out more on Settlement of CPF/SRS Trades.
  • Your CPF/SRS trade will be changed to an ordinary cash trade if it fails to settle with your agent bank. Find out more on Rejected CPF/SRS Trades.

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