Types of Specified Investment Products (SIPs)

Specified Investment Products (SIPs) are financial products that may not be as widely understood by retail investors as others, as their structures, features and risks may be more complex in nature.

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Types of SIPS

Listed SIPs
Examples of SIPs listed on Singapore Exchange (SGX) and Overseas Exchange securities markets include the following:
  • Certificates
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs)
  • Futures (Extended Settlement Contracts)
  • Structured Warrants
  • Callable Bull / Bear Contracts (CBBCs)
Unlisted SIPs
Examples of Unlisted SIPs include the following:
  • Over-The-Counter Products
  • Leveraged Foreign Exchange

More information

  • To trade SIPs, financial institutions will have to conduct the following reviews based on your declaration of your educational qualifications, work experience and investment or trading experience before offering any SIP to you:
    • Customer Account Review (CAR) for Listed SIPs; and
    • Customer Knowledge Assessment (CKA) for Unlisted SIPs

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