Reservation and Collection Period

Thank you for your strong support for our online reservation service! All slots have been fully taken up.

Collection of reserved notes starts from 24 to 31 January 2024 (for notes reserved during the 1st reservation window) and 1 to 8 February 2024 (for notes reserved during the 2nd reservation window) at your selected DBS Treasures Centres and time slot.

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Important Information

  • Bring along your NRIC/Passport and ATM/Debit Card during collection.
  • Collection of the notes will only be available to the person that has placed the online reservation.

Reservation and Collection Period

Reservation Start Collection Period*
Reservation #1 17 Jan to 21 Jan 2024
(Fully booked)
24 Jan to 31 Jan 2024
Reservation #2 22 Jan to 28 Jan 2024
(Fully booked)
1 Feb to 8 Feb 2024
*Collection period excludes Saturday and Sunday.

More Information

  • Debiting will occur up to 3 business days prior to the collection day/ date you have selected online.
  • Any uncollected reservations will be kept for a 3 business days after selected collection date. The reservation will be deemed as cancelled if uncollected within the period, and the total amount will be credited back into your selected DBS/POSB account.
  • Wealth clients will have the option to collect at any DBS/POSB branch instead of a Treasures Centre. However, they will be subjected to a limit of $2,200* per customer. Learn more about the denominations available.
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