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Thank you for your strong support for our online reservation service! All slots have been fully taken up.

Collection of reserved notes starts from 24 to 31 January 2024 (for notes reserved during the 1st reservation window) and 1 to 8 February 2024 (for notes reserved during the 2nd reservation window) at your selected DBS Treasures Centres and time slot.

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For customers who were unable to secure a slot, you may also obtain new notes via our 62 pop-up ATMs and Fit notes at 10 pop-up ATMs located island-wide starting 24 January or make withdrawals from our network of 1,200 regular cash machines, which are available 24/7.

In the spirit of celebrating CNY sustainably, you may also wish to consider cashless and more environmentally friendly gifting alternatives such as the DBS QR Ang Baos. From now till 25 January, simply place an order online and we’ll mail the QR Ang Baos to you for free. Order DBS QR Ang Bao using our digibot now.

Frequently Asked Questions

You need to have an ATM/Debit/Credit card that is linked to a Deposit Account before you can log in to place your reservation. Card and PIN are required to verify that the individuals logging in are customers of the bank.
The maximum amount for Chinese New Year notes exchange is capped at S$38,600 per client. Learn more about the denominations available.
You can only book ONE reservation slot for CNY notes exchange throughout the online reservation period. This is to allow more customers to enjoy the online reservation service.
You will not be able to amend your reservation after submission. Any uncollected reservations will be kept for 3 business days after selected collection date. The reservation will be deemed as cancelled if uncollected within the period, and the total amount will be credited back into your selected DBS/POSB account.
As we need to verify your identity via your original NRIC/Passport, this service is personal-to-account holder and hence not available for a third-party collection.
The amount will be debited from your nominated DBS/POSB account which you have selected at the point of reservation. You may choose any DBS/POSB Savings, Autosave, POSB Current Account, Multi-Currency or Multiplier Account.

We will debit your account for the amount up to 3 business days prior to the collection day/date you selected online.
Starting 24 January 2024, you can collect DBS/POSB red packets at DBS/POSB branches or Treasures Centre or Pop-up ATM at point of notes collection, subject to availability.
Yes, you can choose to exclude QR Gift Packs (QR Ang Baos) in your quantity selection (0 to 10). However, do consider switching to cashless gifting, and enjoy more convenience and time saved from packing red packets! Did you know, if all DBS customers reduced their cash withdrawals by just 1% each, the carbon dioxide emissions collectively saved is equivalent to having an addition of almost 600 trees!
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