How to Load QR Gift

Find out how you can load your QR Gift via PayLah!

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Important Information

  • The QR Gift will expire on the date as indicated by the giver during the loading process. Unredeemed funds loaded to QR Gift cards will be returned to the giver’s PayLah! wallet after expiry. Please remind your loved ones to redeem the QR Gift before expiry date.
  • During redemption process, you can view the PayLah! nickname of the person who has given you the QR Gift.
  • The gifter will receive an email notification that shows the DBS PayLah!/PayNow nickname of the person who redeemed the QR Gift as well as the last 4 digits of their mobile number or NRIC/FIN registered to their PayLah! Wallet/ Paynow-linked Account. Their DBS PayLah!/PayNow nickname will also be reflected in your QR Gift dashboard.

How to Load QR Gift Cards

QR Gift Cards
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