Buying Power and Borrowing Potential

Understand how we calculate your buying power and borrowing potential.

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Borrowing Potential

  • Borrowing Potential is an indicative amount (subject to credit approval) you can request to borrow based on the collateral value of your current portfolio assets, minus your liabilities.
  • Collateral value of current portfolio assets includes all pledged asset positions, including cross-pledges. It does not include miscellaneous Assets (E.g. Property or Insurance policy).
  • Liabilities does not include MRTL-P and Term Loan Facilities.

Buying Power

  • Buying power is your MCSA balance plus value of transactions pending settlement minus amount earmarked for open buy orders. It does not take into account cash pledged as collateral for credit facilities, and may not be entirely available for online investment purchases.
  • Note: The buying power value is indicative and is automatically verified upon placement of a new investment buy order.

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