Change Fixed Deposit Maturity Instructions

Learn how you can change the maturity instructions for your Fixed Deposit.

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To change the maturity instructions on your Online Fixed Deposit easily via DBS digibank

    DBS digibank
    • Log in to DBS digibank with your User ID and PIN and complete the Authentication Process.
    • Select Wealth Management from the top menu, then select Portfolios.
    • Select Holdings, and you can find your Fixed Deposit under Asset Class View > Cash, or
      Asset Type View > Cash and Cash Investment > Deposit.
    • Under Actions, click on the icon to change Fixed Deposit maturity instructions.
    • Update your new instructions and click Next to proceed.
    • Review details and click Submit to confirm changes.

    DBS digibank Mobile App
    • Log in to DBS digibank App with your Touch / Face ID or digibank User ID & PIN.
    • Under Home, tap on Investment Accounts from your digibank dashboard.
    • Tap on Cash and Cash Investments from Summary.
    • select Deposit and tap on the Fixed Deposit you would like to change.
    • Tap Change Maturity Instruction and select your Maturity Instructions.
    • Verify the details, tap Review and Submit to update your new Fixed Deposit Maturity Instructions.

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