Access Advanced Market Data

Understand the requirements to gain exclusive access to Advanced Market Data. This is only available for Singapore and Hong Kong markets.

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Requirements to access Advanced Market Data on DBS digibank:

  • For Singapore market: Accumulate online commission fees of SGD 100 per month, or SGD 300 per quarter in SGX trades for SG market.
  • For Hong Kong market: Accumulate online commission fees of SGD 300 per month or SGD 900 per quarter in HKEx trades for HK market.
Steps to access Advanced Market Data:
  • Log in to DBS digibank with your User ID and PIN and complete the Authentication Process.
  • Select Invest from the top menu.
  • Under Wealth Management Account, click the Trade button in the Equity section:
    Trading with DBS iWealth
  • Click Next on the Online Equity Trading page.
  • Select Trade from the sub menu, then select Advanced Market Data:
    Accessing Advanced Market Data
Features of Advanced Market Data:
  • Customise and view real-time data for up to 4 stocks simultaneously, with the option to perform a buy/sell trade on the same screen.
  • Save your viewing options for easy access in the future.
  • Trade Distribution: List all transactions in real-time, sorted by transacted price.
  • Bid & Ask (Market Depth): View up to 10 levels of Bid and Ask prices and monitor prices on both the Buy and Sell sides.
  • Times & Sales: View a record of all transactions made; transactions with values of more than $100K are highlighted for easy reference.

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