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Explore top performing, top purchased and top redeemed funds based on your risk profile easily on DBS digibank.

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To view funds insights, you need to have a risk profile in order for us to provide relevant insights.

  • For DBS Treasures Clients: Easily update your risk profile by clicking the Update link.
  • For clients of DBS Treasures Private Clients and DBS Private Banking Clients, please contact your relationship manager to complete your risk profile questionnaire.
If you already have a risk profile, view Funds Insights easily via DBS digibank:
DBS digibank
  • Log in to digibank with your User ID and PIN and complete the Authentication Process.
  • Select Invest from the top menu, then select Insights.
  • You can view the top performing and top purchased/redeemed funds filtered according to your risk profile.
  • Click the Find out more button to view more information.
  • Funds Digest session provides a thematic write-up on funds based on the selected topics.

DBS digibank Mobile App
  • Log in to digibank App with your Touch / Face ID or User ID & PIN.
  • Under Invest, select Funds.
  • Choose to view 4 different Fund Insights of your choice:
    • Top Performing Funds
    • Top Purchased Funds
    • Top Redeemed Funds
    • Top 10 Funds

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