Advanced Market Data

Customise and view up to 20 levels of Bid and Ask prices and monitor real-time price streams.

With Advanced Market Data*, you are able to view the Trade Distribution, Bid & Ask and Time & Sales of a stock.

  • Trade Distribution shows the Buy/Sell volume and the number of transactions executed at the specific transacted price.
  • Bid & Ask shows up to 20 levels of volume and the price at which a stock can be sold and/or bought using Bid & Ask (a.k.a Market Depth) to monitor market movements.
  • Time and sales are useful to track the price movement of a stock. It shows the time, price, trade size and action of each trade done in chronological order.

Check out market entitlement to find out your market data streaming entitlement of the exchanges on which you wish to trade.“

Step 1
Log in to DBS digibank with your User ID and PIN.
Step 2
Authenticate your login.
Step 3
Click on the Invest tab.
Step 4
Complete your iBanking login using Second Factor Authentication (2FA).
Step 5
Click on the Trade button in the Equity Section.
Step 6
Should you have multiple portfolios, select your preferred portfolio and click on the Next button.
Step 7
Select Advanced Market Data on the Tools tab.
Step 8
Search the stock name or symbol that you wish to monitor.
Step 9
Select the stock from the dropdown list.
Step 10
You can choose to view the Trade Distribution, Bid & Ask or Time & Sales of the stock.

Minimum and Maintenance Requirement to access Advanced Market Data (For SG and HK market only)*:
  • SG Market Data Streaming: Trade in SG market with SGD 100 in online commission in previous month or SGD 300 in previous quarter
  • HK Market Data Streaming: Trade in HK market with SGD 300 in online commission in previous month or SGD 900 in previous quarter
Learn more on market entitlement.

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