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Complements MediShield Life to provide more protection


Provides as charged coverage at public or private hospitals


Covers pre and post hospitalisation treatment charges


MediShield Life is a basic insurance scheme, designed to give adequate coverage for stays at Class B2 or C wards in public hospitals. However, there are certain medical scenarios where patients would need to pay cash (as a top-up to MediShield Life) or use their Medisave account for their hospital stay or medical treatment.

MyShield plan is an additional cover that integrates and complements the benefits of MediShield Life. This provides you with higher and wider coverage for the medical expenses incurred.


Features & Benefits

Choose the ward type and policy year limit

  • As charged1 coverage for hospital stays in a Private ward, Class A (1 bed) and B1 (4 bed) wards in public and private hospitals depending on the chosen plan type
  • Up to S$1,250,000 policy year limit for MyShield Plan 1 if you get a certificate of pre-authorisation or pre-arranged appointment via Aviva's panel of medical specialists.

Pre- and Post-hospitalisation coverage

  • Coverage for Pre-hospital treatment2 up to 90 days
  • Coverage for Post-hospital treatment2 up to 180 days for all plan types at restructured and community hospitals. For private hospitals, you need to get a certificate of pre-authorisation or pre-arranged appointment via Aviva's panel of medical specialists
  • Treatment received in the Accident and Emergency department within 24 hours prior to your hospital admission

Inpatient and Outpatient treatments covered

  • Planned3 and Emergency overseas inpatient treatment
  • Major Outpatient treatments4 including chemotherapy and kidney dialysis
  • Extra inpatient benefit for 5 critical illnesses - heart attack of specified severity, major cancer5, stroke, end-stage lung disease and end-stage liver disease

Inpatient and outpatient treatments covered

  • Inpatient and outpatient Proton Beam Therapy treatment6
  • Preventive treatment for cancer7

Newborn and children benefits

  • Free cover of up to S$50,000 for newborns8 up to 6 months old
  • Discounted premium rates for children9 (up to age 20 at next birthday) if both parents are covered under MyShield Plan 1 or Plan 2

How to apply

Contact me A Relationship Manager will reach out to you
Locate us Visit us at any of our centres

1 As charged refers to the eligible expenses incurred by the Life Assured which is subject to pro-ration, deductible, co-insurance, policy year limit, admission of ward class and other policy terms.

2 Pre-hospital treatment refers to the eligible expenses incurred up to 90 days before admission and post-hospital treatment refers to the eligible expenses incurred up to 180 days after discharge for Plan 1, Plan 2 and Plan 3 at restructured / community hospitals. For private hospitals, you'll need to get the certificate of pre-authorisation or pre-arranged appointment via Aviva's panel of medical specialists.

3 We will pay for planned inpatient treatment or day surgery at the overseas hospital that has an approved working arrangement with a Medisave-accredited institution/referral centre in Singapore. For details, please refer to the Product Summary and Policy Contract.

4 Please refer to the policy contract for details of major outpatient treatment.

5 Proton Beam therapy is excluded from this benefit

6 Proton Beam Therapy benefit applies to Proton Beam Therapy treatment received as an inpatient, outpatient or day surgery procedure.

7 Preventive treatment for cancer covers surgery to prevent further cancer if the life assured already had treatment for cancer and we have paid for the treatment.

8 Free newborn benefit applies to a newborn child(ren) from 15 days old or their age on the date of discharge from hospital after birth, whichever is later. The benefit ends on the date the newborn is 6 months old or takes up a Medisave-approved Integrated Shield Plan, whichever is earlier. Both parents must be covered under MyShield Plan 1 or Plan 2 continuously for at least 10 months from the cover start date of their respective policies on the newborn's date of birth.

9 Discounted premium rates for child(ren) refers to the Family Discount for Child(ren) which is applicable to the child up to age 20 at next birthday (ANB). Please refer to Product Summary for more details.

10 Letter of Guarantee (LOG) covers the hospital deposit for up to SS15,000. LOG will be issued to hospitals for Life Assured who is hospitalised as an inpatient at participating hospitals, provided that the estimated total bill amount exceeds the plan deductible (if applicable). Please refer to our website for the list of participating hospitals for LOG.

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Information is correct as at 1 January 2019.

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