Asset Allocation

Low Risk Portfolio

Capturing some capital growth with low risk exposure.

For the risk-averse with stable returns. For a conservative portfolio in 2016, we prefer developed market government bonds amid expected further downside pressure on total returns for corporate bonds. In terms of equities, we see more value in stocks in the US and Asia Pacific ex-Japan over Europe and Japan.

Low Risk Portfolio

 Tactical Asset Allocation
Asia Pacific ex Japan4.00%
Emerging Markets ex Asia2.00%
Fixed Income35.00%
Developed Markets (DM)35.00%
DM Government Bonds35.00%
DM Corporate Bonds0.00%
Emerging Markets (EM)0.00%
Hedge Funds0.00%


Tactical Asset Allocation

Asset Class3-Month Basis12-Month Basis
US EquitiesNeutralNeutral
Europe EquitiesNeutralNeutral
Japan EquitiesNeutralOverweight
Asia Pacific ex-Japan (APxJ) EquitiesNeutralNeutral
Emerging Market (EM) EquitiesNeutralNeutral
Developed Markets (DM) BondsUnderweightUnderweight
  DM Government BondsUnderweightUnderweight
DM Corporate BondsNeutralNeutral
Emerging Markets (EM) BondsUnderweightNeutral
Hedge FundsNeutralNeutral

Source: DBS CIO Office, Morningstar Investment Management Asia Limited, as of 31 March 2017


  1. Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against market loss.
  2. Percentages denote actual tactical asset allocation weights for a 3-month time horizon.

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