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LC Requirement

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LC Details

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Sight LC: DBS will honour the payment once the documentation received is in order. Usance LC: DBS will accept the draft once all documentation received is in order and agree to pay on the maturity date. 
E.g 30 Days After Bill of Lading Date, 30 Days after Sight, 60 days from Date of Delivery etc.

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[Please remember to submit original insurance cover to us (DBS Bank) together with the signed application form.]

[Attachment must be countersigned by the authorized signatory as per mandate registered with the bank]

Unless otherwise stated, the following will applies:

  1. Mode of Advising: Swift
  2. Advising Bank: At Issuing Bank's option
  3. Drafts: Required
  4. Presentation Period: As per applicable relevant UCP Guideline
  5. Bank Charges: All Charges outside issuing bank are for Beneficiary's account
  6. Confirmation: Not Required

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