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Business Capabilities Loan

DBS Business Capabilities Loan allows SMEs to finance their project expenses prior to grant reimbursement.

Business owners recognise the need to build new capabilities to sustain their operations in our increasingly competitive climate. Through capability grants by the Singapore Government, you can defray costs associated with skills upgrading, innovation and productivity related projects, product development, or overseas expansion.

The Business Capabilities Loan (BCL) is designed specifically for SMEs who have successfully applied for government grants to cover expenses incurred prior to grant reimbursement from the respective schemes. As the first bank to offer BCL as a bridge financing solution for capability development, you can now easily embark on such projects that will change business models, improve productivity and expand capabilities for growth.

To apply for BCL, simply indicate "BizCap" under the promo code field on our online application form.

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Loan Features
Loan AmountUp to S$500,000
Loan TenorUp to 4 years
Interest Rate7.75% p.a.
Processing FeeS$1,000 or 1% of approved amount, whichever is higher


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Why Choose DBS Capabilities Loan?

  • Provides a finance bridging tool; the loan can be used to cover the project expenses incurred prior to grant reimbursement.
  • Reduces strain on your working capital and cash flow.
  • Business owners can now easily embark on business model innovation projects that can improve productivity and expand capabilities for growth.
  • Complement Business Capabilities Loan with a suite of other services that will support other aspects of your business, from cash, payment to IPO or acquisition.
  • Leverage on DBS BusinessClass’ Disrupt Program to evaluate and guide solution or innovation. To find out more, connect with our e-assistant via DBS BusinessClass App.
  • Waiver of early prepayment penalty

Need help with your grant application?

To further assist you, DBS can help you with your grant application* for SPRING Singapore’s Capability Development Grant by:

  • Defining the scope of your project:
      Productivity Improvements Technology & Innovation

      Projects that improve processes, optimise resource allocation and develop employees for productivity gains

      Projects that leverage on technology to develop new products, processes or business models that improves market competitiveness for products and services
  • Offering advice on submission requirements
  • Providing an evaluation of your project to SPRING Singapore

*Approval of the Capability Development Grant will be at the sole discretion of SPRING Singapore.

Please submit your interest here.


How do I find out more?

For more information on Business Capabilities Loan, please click here to submit your interest.


Who qualifies for Business Capabilities Loan?

SMEs who have successfully applied for a government grant can now apply for Business Capabilities Loan to finance their project expenses.

If I would like to apply for Micro Loan or Business Term Loan, am I still eligible for Business Capabilities Loan?

Yes, you are. The maximum loan limit for Micro Loan is S$100,000 and Business Term Loan is S$500,000.

What government grants will I be eligible to apply for under the Business Capabilities Loan?

Please refer to the list of government grants that are applicable for the Business Capabilities Loan

I am in the process of applying for government grant; can I concurrently apply for Business Capabilities Loan?

Yes, you can approach any of our DBS Relationship Manager to indicate your interest on Business Capabilities Loan. However, we require that you furnish a copy of the ‘letter of offer’ for the government grant to complete the application.

I have applied and qualified for a government grant scheme, and am in the process of applying for an alternative grant scheme. Am I still applicable for Business Capabilities Loan?

Yes, Business Capabilities Loan is applicable to SMEs who have successfully applied.


How do I apply?

SMEs can apply for the Business Capabilities Loan in 3 steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Select either Micro Loan or Business Term Loan option as applicable, and fill in the online form
  3. Put in "BizCap" under the promo code field

For more information, please leave us your details here so that we can assist you.


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