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Experience faster processing with pre-approved templates


Experience faster processing with pre-approved templates

At a Glance

[email protected] is an industry-wide electronic Banker's Guarantee (eGuarantee) programme which will help businesses reduce paperwork and skip branch visits for faster Banker's Guarantee(BG) issuance.

The eGuarantee programme includes the 17 beneficiaries listed below


Attractive cost savings

Paperless and contactless

Quick turnaround time

Easy, efficient, integrated

How it works

How to apply

             *Formats are available on eguarantee.gov.sg

^Please refer to the terms & conditions below

Enjoy a fee waiver of S$100 off your processing fees when you renew or apply for a Banker’s Guarantee online.

What's more, you can redeem a S$50 voucher^ for your first eGuarantee issuance!

Take advantage of this programme today!

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*You must have a DBS IDEAL Login and access to submit trade transactions

For customers without BG facility

Apply via Online BG

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Terms and Conditions

1. This eGuarantee Programme promotion ("Promotion") is valid for new banker’s guarantee applications that are submitted to the Bank from 19th Oct 2022 to 28th Feb 2023 (both dates inclusive) ("Promotion Period")

2. For the purpose of this Promotion:

a. “eGuarantee” refers to a banker’s guarantee to be issued to selected beneficiaries in Singapore who accept bank guarantee issuance transmitted as datasets through the Networked Trade Platform (NTP).

b. “Voucher” refers to the electronic voucher(s) that the Bank may offer to the Customers for their first eGuarantee issuance.

3. The first 100 Customers that have issued an eGuarantee through the Bank will be eligible for a Voucher each. The Bank will determine the list of Customers that will receive the Vouchers. Each Customer will be eligible for one Voucher regardless of the number of eGuarantees issued during the Promotion Period.

4. We reserve the right to change the terms of this Promotion, (extending or shortening the Promotion Period or withdrawing this Promotion) at any time without prior notice, reason or liability to any party.

5. Our decision on all matters relating to this Promotion (including, without limitation, determining the transactions and the customers who are eligible for the Vouchers) shall be final and conclusive and shall be binding on the Customer. No correspondence or claims will be entertained.

6. We shall not be liable for any costs, expenses, liabilities, losses or damages whatsoever and howsoever incurred or to be incurred by the Customer arising from or in connection with this Promotion.

7. The Customer can participate in this Promotion and the eGuarantee Programme by providing the necessary instructions in the Bank’s application / submission form. The Customer must also agree and accept the Terms and Conditions set out in the banker’s guarantee application/submission form.

8. By submitting a banker’s guarantee application, each Customer confirms that it is lawfully providing the data for the Bank to use and disclose for the purpose of:

(i) providing products or services to that Customer, whether in connection with this Promotion or its application;

(ii) meeting the operational, administrative and risk management requirements of DBS Group Holdings Ltd. and its related corporations (“DBS Group”); and

(iii) complying with any requirement, as DBS Group reasonably deemed necessary, under any law of any court, government authority or regulator.

These terms and conditions are governed by, and shall be construed in accordance with, the laws of Singapore