At a Glance

Forget about the hassle of tracking funds or upcoming payments

Never worry about missing an upcoming payment or incoming transfer.

Stay up to date on all your accounts

Be instantly alerted about any irregular fund movements in your accounts.

Stay on-track with your spending

Get a clear overview of and insights on your spending habits.


Everyday banking made truly effortless

With the addition of the new insights feature on DBS digibank app, you can stay ahead to meet your everyday banking needs.

Not only will you have personalised notifications that help you to stay updated on your account transactions, you will get an overview of your spend and analyses to understand your money management better.

So forget about late payment fees, tracking funds and overspending. Now, you can focus less on banking and enjoy more of what life has to offer.


Insights that help you stay ahead

No more missed bills

Make late fees a thing of the past. Your DBS digibank app will remind you about all upcoming payments so you can stay on top of your bills.

Automatic updates on incoming funds

Expecting a payment or incoming transfer? Your DBS digibank app will check for updates or delays in incoming transfers such as your salary, rent payments and refunds—so you won’t have to.

Real-time alerts on irregularities

From duplicate charges, to bill spikes, to large deposits or withdrawals, your DBS digibank app will inform you about irregularities in your accounts—alerting you to take immediate action if necessary.

Optimise your spending

Not sure where your money is going? Your DBS digibank app can help you learn more about your spending habits with personalised quizzes and in-depth purchase analyses that pinpoint the categories in which you tend to overspend.

Access your most used features conveniently with Smart Shortcuts

A quick and convenient way for you to access your frequently used features with just one tap on your home screen.

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