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Control your portfolio 24/7 with DBS iWealth

An enhanced, comprehensive banking and wealth management platform designed just for you.



Be in complete control with the enhanced DBS iWealth®. Stay connected with relevant insights and seize opportunities 24/7. Now available as a mobile app for your banking and wealth management. Download now on your Apple or Android device.


DBS iWealth Guide®   DBS iWealth Mobile App Guide®

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One view that puts you in control

Whether it’s an overview of your portfolio on one screen or an in-depth view of your investments, you can now transact, research and invest in an instant. Learn more


iwealth ibanking

Trade equities across 7 major international markets

Unlock the potential of Australia, Japan and the UK in addition to Singapore, Hong Kong, USA and Canada. Make strategic decisions with stock search and filter functions, customisable charting tools and in-depth market analysis. Learn more


iwealth ibanking

More than 200 Unit Trusts at your fingertips

Invest in over 200 Unit Trusts in 12 currencies via the Online Funds Investment. Quick access to fund information and expert analysis helps you to make the right investment decisions with ease. Learn more


iwealth ibanking

Invest in Foreign Exchange anytime, anywhere

Browse a summary of the latest market trends, updates and FX rates from our Economic Research Team. Our competitive rates and insights from over 100 DBS analysts help you make smarter decisions. Learn more


iwealth ibanking

Remit funds overseas with preferential rates

Send money overseas easily with confirmed Foreign Exchange rates, 24 hours a day, even at 30,000ft in the air. Also enjoy preferential exchange rates for large transfers. Learn more


iwealth ibanking

Get relevant and customised insights

Receive news and market observations automatically based on your portfolio and transactions as well as choose the type of information you wish to see.


iwealth ibanking

Set alerts on what’s important to you

Never miss an opportunity. Set price alerts to track your favourite stocks and get timely notifications related to your investments, so you’re always in control wherever you are.


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