Why Us

Our focus is simple: To understand the goals you have for your family, business, and retirement, then design a bespoke investment solution to fulfil that vision and leave a legacy.

We are ready to be there for the long haul, making your money work for you, for your peace of mind.


At a Glance

A way to manage your assets

Enjoy peace of mind, as you leave the management of your portfolio to us. We regularly review and rebalance portfolios to ensure they are always aligned with your financial goals.

A long-term investment approach

We allow time in the market, rather than timing the market, to drive returns.

A safe pair of hands implementing a disciplined process

Benefit from the combined investment expertise of DBS’ Wealth Management Team (Research, Chief Investment Office, Funds Selection Team, Portfolio Management Team).

A client-centric approach

Your portfolio will be individually managed. You will also gain access to our portfolio managers and their insights on the market and investment strategy.

Investment solutions tailored to your goals


How We Construct Your Portfolios

Your Relationship Manager will assess your risk profile to craft a bespoke solution through our four strategic approaches:

  • Strategic Asset Allocation
  • Tactical Asset Allocation
  • Market Positioning
  • Security Selection

Strategic Asset Allocation

You select a portfolio mix that matches your long-term objectives.

Strategic Asset Allocation Chart

Tactical Asset Allocation

Investment opportunities underlie different asset classes during an economic cycle. The image below highlights that no single asset class has consistently remained the best performer across the years.

We stay nimble and adjust your asset allocation to take advantage of dynamic market conditions and navigate short-term market fluctuations.

Tactical Asset Allocation Chart

Market Positioning

When constructing your portfolio, we navigate changing credit and interest rate environments, and identify emerging trends and investment opportunities across regions, sectors, and market segments.

Market Positioning Chart

Security Selection

We select the most efficient securities to optimise returns.

Security Selection Infograph - Stocks/Bonds

Security Selection Infograph - ETFs

Security Selection Infograph - Mutual Funds


How We Manage Risks

As we build your portfolio, we keep a close eye on risks. We monitor and manage risk exposure in:

  • Asset allocation
  • Regional exposure
  • Sector exposure
  • Liquidity
  • Currency risk
  • Counterparty risk
  • Concentration risk
How we Manage Risks

Portfolios Available

There is a DPM mandate to suit your specific needs. You can build a global core portfolio, design a bespoke portfolio centred on your goals, or create one to complement your existing portfolio.

Portfolios Available - Investment Ideas and Instruments

Portfolios Available - Features


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