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A key strategy at DBS is the CIO Barbell Strategy that helps you build a resilient investment portfolio in challenging times. This strategy helps you capture superior returns from long-term, irreversible Growth trends on one hand, while generating stable Income on the other hand to mitigate short-term market volatility. Focusing on both Growth and Income, read on to find out more about the Barbell Index Note.

  • Amid slower growth, rising bifurcation, and political tensions, it is more important than ever to take a well-diversified portfolio approach that considers post-pandemic opportunities.
  • The DBS CIO Barbell Index Note is based on CIO Barbell Strategy which represents the bank’s view of the future. It entails allocating assets to the highest conviction calls from a factor-based and thematic perspective.
  • Anchored on Growth and Income, the approach aims to capture and capitalise gains on long-term irreversible growth trends while balancing the risk and mitigating short-term volatility with high dividend-yielding stocks, REITs, and corporate bonds.

What is the DBS CIO Barbell Index Note?

The DBS CIO Barbell Index Note comprises over 50 securities across a range of geographies, sectors, and asset classes to support Growth and Income objectives.

DBS constantly monitors and provides its view on its DBS investment strategy, please click here to read more on our latest Market Insights.


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