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The investing world has found no shortage of uncertainties in recent times. In an age of volatility, it is natural for investors to seek the safety of cash. However, with inflation at its highest in decades, it is difficult to imagine that cash deposits would register positive real returns over the longer run.

Investment Grade Bonds have kept pace with inflation. In fixed income investing, a highly diversified portfolio of bond issuers gives the benefit of yield while mitigating single credit risk exposure.

With exposure to highly liquid bond holdings, the DBS CIO Liquid+ Fund offers the flexibility for investors to make redemptions daily and receive proceeds in a matter of days.

The Fund taps on the expertise of the DBS Chief Investment Office and its team of experienced investment professionals.


What is the DBS CIO Liquid+ Fund?

It is a pure fixed income fund that aims to provide cash+ returns.

DBS constantly monitors and provides its view on its DBS investment strategy, please click here to read more on our latest Market Insights.


How to Invest

Click here to find out more and invest in the DBS CIO Liquid+ Fund.

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