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Signature Indexed Universal Life Select allows you to be in control of your legacy, with the advantage of potential higher returns via an Index Account, while limiting your exposure to market risks. The plan also allows you the flexibility of 5 premium allocation options according to your preference.

Customisable premium allocation options

5 options to allocate premiums between Fixed and Index Accounts based on your preference

Potential opportunity for higher policy returns

Based on reputable international indices

Enjoy peace of mind regardless of market condition

Minimum Surrender Value, determined at a guaranteed rate of 2% p.a., is payable upon full surrender, even if Policy Value is lower after deducting Surrender Charge

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Features & Benefits

Peace of mind

  • Be covered against death1 and terminal illness1
  • Regardless of market conditions, Minimum Surrender Value2 will be payable at the time of full surrender if it is higher than the Policy Value less Surrender Charge
  • Automatic Premium Spread option allows you to earn a more stable return3 by spreading the premium allocated into the Index Account, to create index segments over 12 months


  • Flexible premium payment4 with 5 options to allocate premiums between Fixed and Index Accounts based on your preference
  • Option to change Life Insured5 in the future
  • Option to rebalance the values6  between Fixed and Index Accounts

Opportunity for higher returns

  • Earn potentially higher policy returns3  from the Index Account that is tied to internationally recognised indices

How It Works


How to Apply

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The actual benefits payable and coverage are not guaranteed and are dependent on the actual crediting rates (subject to the minimum guaranteed crediting rate) to your Fixed Account and Index Account, actual charges (subject to the maximum charges) as well as the amounts of any additional premiums paid, partial withdrawals made and loans taken.
1 Death Benefit is the face amount of the policy or the policy value at the date of death, whichever is higher, less any outstanding policy debt. Terminal illness coverage is up to age 99.
2 Minimum Surrender Value is determined using a fixed rate of 2.00% every year, and is calculated aſter deduction of applicable charges.
3 Crediting rate for Index Account is calculated based on the point-to-point performance of the underlying indices, excluding dividends, subject to the floor and respective cap rate, plus guaranteed loyalty bonus crediting rate (if any).
4 You may pay premiums of any amount at any time before age 100, within the maximum limits set by Manulife. If you have enough cash value in the policy, you may skip a premium payment or stop paying premiums entirely. You may need to pay extra premiums if the actual interest Manulife pays you is lower than illustrated, if you take a loan, if you make a withdrawal or the actual charges increase. The actual amount and frequency of premium payments will affect the policy value and potentially the death benefit as well as how long the policy is kept in force.
5 Allowed 2 years after policy is issued. Acceptance of the new Life Insured is at Manulife’s sole and absolute discretion and will depend upon the insurability of this new Life Insured, as well as other terms and conditions as Manulife shall determine from time to time. The policy charges will be based on the new Life Insured’s age, gender, country of residence, underwriting class and any additional ratings. For more details, please refer to the policy contract.
6 Allowed 2 years aſter policy is issued and before age 100 of the Life Insured. The values will be reallocated to the last chosen percentage premium allocation. Each Account Reallocation request must be at least 2 years apart. Premium allocation option can be changed, subject to Manulife’s approval. For more details, please refer to the policy contract.

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Information is correct as at 1 Apr 2022.

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