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Trusts have been used for centuries to preserve many a family’s wealth and make long term financial provisions for their heirs and descendants.

Without proper estate planning, passing on wealth to the next generation can be complicated by probate formalities. Depending on your needs and circumstances, there are different types of Private Trusts available.


Probate Trust


The DBS probate trust assists you with estate and succession planning in relation to your DBS account.


Standard Discretionary Trust


This trust service plans your estate and succession not only in relation to DBS accounts, but also assets held in real estate or with other financial institutions.


Customised Trust


A highly tailored trust can also be designed for more complex family situations or different asset classes, to give you peace of mind now, and for future generations.




  • Plan your estate for future generations
  • No delays from probate formalities
  • Savings on probate costs
  • Prevent uninvited inheritance claim

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