Terms and Conditions of the DBS Treasures Private Client Q3 2021 Promotion (the “Promotion”)

Participation in the Promotion constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.


This Promotion is valid from 1 July 2021 to 30 September 2021, both dates inclusive (the “Promotional Period”), unless otherwise indicated below. This Promotion is not to be used with any other ongoing promotion offers. This Promotion comprises:

  1. the Online Equity Trading Promotion;
  2. the Funds Transfer-In Promotion;
  3. the Insurance Offer Promotion; and
  4. the Home Loan Offer Promotion;

as set out below.


Only new DBS Treasures Private Client customers (“Customers”) of DBS Bank Ltd (“DBS” or the “Bank”) who:

  1. successfully open and establish a new account (i.e. new Household set up) (“Account”) with DBS Treasures Private Client;
  2. download and activate the DBS iWealth mobile application
  3. opt-in to receive marketing emails from the Bank; and
  4. enrol in the promotion by submitting the online registration form on the DBS Treasures Private Client webpage or enrol through a DBS Treasures Private Client Relationship Manager and receive a confirmation email from the Bank

during the Promotional Period are eligible to participate in this Promotion.


Customers are not eligible if they have closed an Account with DBS Treasures Private Client or DBS Private Bank in the last twelve (12) months prior to the date of establishing a new banking relationship with DBS.




The Promotion is applicable to Customers of DBS Bank Ltd.


Eligible Customers will enjoy a 10% commission rebate for Eligible Trades executed online via DBS Online Equity Trading platform from 1 July 2021 to 30 September 2021 (“Promotion Period”).


Eligible Trades refer to:

  1. All trades executed in the seven global markets offered online,
  2. Exclude any trade in a structured product issued by DBS and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.


Standard commission will be charged upfront and subsequently rebated by 30 November 2021. Fees imposed by DBS’ custodian will be borne by Customers.


All commission rebates will be credited to Customers’ default Multi-Currency Settlement Account (“MCSA”). The rebate amount will be based on the respective traded currency which the commission was charged. DBS reserves the right to clawback any rebate arising from a non-Eligible Trade which has been credited to Customer’s MCSA.


If the Wealth Management Account is closed before 30 November 2021, Customer will be disqualified from the Promotion and will not be entitled to the trade rebate.


The Customer remains liable for the payment of any transfer-out fee and all other transactional fees payable to any third party, including but not limited to, any tax or stamp duty, transaction levy, exchange fee, clearing fee, or market fee, that may be imposed on such Customer by law.


Trade commission will be amalgamated when the trades are of the same stock, traded currency, market, settlement mode and trade date as well as the same mode of trade.

12. This Promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion(s) offered by DBS Online Equity Trading.



To qualify for the Funds Transfer-In Promotion, a Customer must:

  1. transfer-in a minimum S$100,000 of Qualifying Funds (“Qualifying Funds”) into the MCSA between 1 July 2021 to 31 December 2021, both dates inclusive.
  2. maintain the Qualifying Funds with DBS in the MCSA for two (2) months after the date the Qualifying Funds are transferred in.


Customers who qualify for the Funds Transfer-In Promotion are entitled to receive the Reward which will be credited to the Relevant Account by 31 March 2022, on the basis of the cumulative transfer-in of Qualifying Funds as per the table below.

Qualifying Funds transferred in Reward
Cash Credit
≥ S$1,500,000 or greater, or its foreign currency equivalentt S$1,500
S$1,000,000 to S$1,499,999 or its foreign currency equivalent S$1,000
S$500,000 to S$999,999 or its foreign currency equivalent S$500
S$200,000 to S$499,999 or its foreign currency equivalent S$200
S$100,000 to S$199,999 or its foreign currency equivalent S$80


Each eligible Customer is entitled to only one (1) Reward capped at S$1,500 in cash credit at any time regardless of the total amount of Qualifying Funds that is transferred into the MCSA (so long as each transfer meets the minimum amount stated in clause 13 (a)). In the case of joint account holders, only one (1) Gift will be awarded.


If the transferred-in Qualifying Funds is not maintained in the MCSA with DBS for a minimum of two (2) months or if the DBS Treasures Private Client Account is closed within twelve (12) months from the date on which it is opened and if DBS has awarded the Reward to the eligible Customer, DBS shall be entitled to recover the amount of the Reward by debiting such sum from the MCSA or any other account that the eligible Customer maintains with DBS.

17. The cash reward will be in SGD and not in the Currency of Fund transferred-in.
18. Client must maintain an active MCSA account in which the Funds have been transferred.
19. The Funds holding transferred-in must be Cash held Fund. Funds held with CPF/ SRS monies is not eligible for the promotion.
20. Exchange Traded Funds are not a part of the Promotion.
21. Qualifying Fund is defined as DBS Bank approved share classes of a Fund for the specific client Segment. Non-qualifying share classes of a Fund is not eligible for the Promotion.
22. Funds must be transferred-in from outside DBS. Any transfer within same or different accounts inside DBS are not eligible for the Promotion.
23. For the full Terms and Conditions, please refer to https://www.dbs.com.sg/treasures-private-client/promotion/new-online-funds-trading.



Each Customer is only entitled to sign up for one Qualifying Product (as defined below) only and may not be used in conjunction with any prevailing insurance promotion(s). The Qualifying Products must be issued by 31 December 2021.


Customers who qualify for the Insurance Offer Promotion are entitled to receive a cash credit (the “Insurance Gift”) which will be credited to their designated account by 28 February 2022, after the policy crosses the 14-day free-look period. Each Policy Owner is only entitled to one (1) Insurance Gift.

Qualifying Products Insurance Gift
Manulife Singapore HNW Heirloom & Signature Series Products*
Insurance Gift Minimum Single Premium Amount
SGD 5,000 USD 1,000,000
SGD 3,000 USD 500,000

*Manulife Singapore HNW Heirloom & Signature Series Products refers to the latest Universal Life or Signature Series products such as Heirloom (VII); Signature Indexed Universal Life II, Signature Indexed Universal Life Select, Signature Income II; Signature Income III, Signature Life, Signature Life II, Signature Wealth, etc.


The exchange rate for USD to SGD for USD denominated Qualifying Products will be at the Bank’s prevailing exchange rate as determined by the bank at time of processing the redemption.




This offer is open to new customers of DBS Treasures Private Client who participate during the Promotional Period. The Home Loan Offer interest rates are:

2 Year 3-Month SORA Package

This package is only valid for completed properties in Singapore with minimum loan amount of SGD700,000.

Year Rate
Year 1 3M SORA + 0.75%
Year 2 3M SORA + 0.75%
Thereafter 3M SORA + 1.00%

3M SORA (3-Month Compounded Singapore Overnight Rate Average) refers to the compounded SORA averages for 3 months period administered by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, published by the Monetary Authority of Singapore on or about 9:00 a.m, Singapore time, on the first business day of the relevant month or on such other date as we may determine.

This package comes with:

  • Lock-in period of 2 years


Valid for completed residential properties in Singapore, for new purchase or refinancing from another bank. Loan to be signed by 30 September 2021.


The cash rebate amounts applicable for refinancing a private property home loan from another bank are:

Total home loan amount per property Cash rebate amount
SGD 700,000 < SGD 1,000,000 SGD 2,000
SGD 1,000,000 < SGD 1,500,000 SGD 2,500
>= SGD 1,500,000 SGD 2,800


Rates are subject to change without prior notice.




DBS’ decision on all matters relating to the Promotions shall be final and binding on all parties. No correspondence or claims will be entertained.


DBS may suspend or discontinue the Promotions or vary these terms and conditions without prior notice or liability to any party. In the event of any inconsistency between these terms and conditions and any brochures, marketing or promotional materials relating to the Promotion, these terms and conditions will prevail.


DBS shall not be liable for any injury, loss or damage whatsoever, whether direct or indirect, arising from or in connection with the Reward, Insurance Gift or the Promotion.


DBS may at any time replace the Reward or Insurance Gift with any other item of similar value without giving prior notice.


DBS may levy an administration charge (early account closure charge) if the DBS Treasures Private Client Account is closed within twelve (12) months of the date it is opened.


DBS assumes no responsibility for any losses or damages or expenses arising in connection with this Promotion, howsoever arising, including without limitation, from any late or non-notification, any error in computing, technical hardware or software breakdown, malfunctions or defects, failed, delayed or incorrect transactions, or lost or unavailable network connections, or any notice that is lost or misdirected, which may affect a person’s eligibility to participate in the Promotion.


These terms and conditions shall be read in conjunction with the terms and conditions governing the Relevant Account or MCSA, the Terms and Conditions Governing Electronic Services and the DBS Privacy Policy, which are available on DBS’ website at www.dbs.com.sg and which Customers agree to be bound by. In the event of any inconsistency, these terms and conditions shall prevail insofar as they apply to the Promotion.


Customers consent to the collection, use and disclosure of their personal data by DBS and to such other third parties as DBS deems reasonable for the purposes of the Promotion. If Customers provide personal data of a third person for the purposes of the Promotion, Customers confirm that they have obtained such third person’s consent and consent on his/her behalf to DBS’ collection, use and disclosure of the personal data for that purpose.


These terms and conditions are governed by Singapore law and parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore courts.


Deposit Insurance Scheme: Singapore dollar deposits of non-bank depositors and monies and deposits denominated in Singapore dollars under the Supplementary Retirement Scheme are insured by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation, for up to SGD 75,000 in aggregate per depositor per Scheme member by law. Monies and deposits denominated in Singapore dollars under the CPF Investment Scheme and CPF Retirement Sum Scheme are aggregated and separately insured up to SGD 75,000 for each depositor per Scheme member. Foreign currency deposits, dual currency investments, structured deposits and other investment products are not insured.


In these terms and conditions:

Qualifying Funds” mean DBS approved share classes of a Fund for the specific client Segment. Non-qualifying share classes of a Fund are not eligible for the promotion. Funds must be transferred-in from outside DBS Bank into a Customer’s MCSA with DBS. Any transfer within the same or different accounts inside DBS Bank, including that of DBS Group Holdings’ subsidiaries, will not count towards “Qualifying Funds”.

Information on DBS approved share classes of Unit Trusts: https://www.dbs.com.sg/treasures-private-client/invest/funds-search/default.page