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DBS Treasures Market Outlook: Stay in the Game

Barring exogenous shocks, the outlook for risk assets remains stable. A common concern among investors is whether the bull market led by US equities has already matured after eight years of uptrend. And are we not at the cusp of a bear market? We do not think so. Hear from Mr Hou Wey Fook, Chief Investment Officer, DBS Wealth Management, Chief Investment Office as he unveils insights into the investment outlook ahead.

Singapore Property Outlook: What Lies Ahead (Sep 2017)

As we observe the enbloc fever seemingly resurfacing, as well as an uplift in the market sentiments, find out what lies ahead for the Singapore residential property sector. Hear from industry experts Derek Tan, Senior Vice President, Property Analyst at DBS Group Research and Jason Low, CFA, Senior Investment Strategist from DBS Wealth Management as they share their expert opinions on the latest trends.

Investment Outlook: Trump Truncated?

Join Jason Low, DBS Senior Investment Strategist, Chief Investment Office as he shares investment insights on the outlook for 2Q 2017, with a likely correction in global equities as doubts swell over Donald Trump’s ability to steer the US economy.

US Presidential Elections – What will the new era bring?

Uncover valuable investment insights shared by Jason Low, CFA, Investment Strategist from DBS Wealth Management, Chief Investment Office, on the 45th United States presidential election and its impact on global financial markets.

Understanding Private Equity and Private Equity Funds

Join Doug Keller, a leading global private equity fund investor from Pantheon Ventures, as he shares his knowledge and expertise on Private Equity.

Market Update – Beyond UK’s EU Referendum

In this post-Brexit world, how should investors be positioned amidst this volatility? What lies ahead for UK and Europe? What other risk events should investors watch out for? Join Jason Low, DBS Investment Strategist as he provides a market update on “Beyond UK’s EU Referendum”, and shares his post-Brexit views.

Estate and Legacy Planning Webinar: 2 June 2016

At DBS Treasures Private Client, we want to help you ensure that the fruition of your hard work is best enjoyed by you and your loved ones. After a lifetime of accomplishments, it is important to protect your wealth for the next generation by making sure its distribution is kept within your wishes. Find out how wealth and legacy planning can be customised to ensure continuity and future successes.

Investment Webinar: 29 March 2016: Policy vs The Cycle - The Great Volatility

Join Jason Low, DBS Investment Strategist, as he discusses ‘Policy vs The Cycle – The Great Volatility’. Recent moves by the ECB, BOJ and the Fed were dovish and helped support the recent market rally. The drivers of the big swings in the markets are the conflicting forces of the cycle and government/central bank interventions. We are likely to see big swings both ways, over the course of the year. But by the year’s end, the trend will likely be bearish.