Stay Ahead of the Curve


Market Outlook 1H 2020: IDEA

As you manage your wealth portfolio against current economic uncertainties, which kind of companies should you invest in? Find out as Chief Investment Officer Hou Wey Fook shares more on IDEA.

Market Outlook 1Q2020: FOMO & TINA

Hear from Chief Investment Officer, Hou Wey Fook, as he introduces FOMO & TINA – two concepts to maintain a resilient wealth portfolio in 2020.

Market Outlook 1Q2020: Barbell Strategy

Amidst current economic uncertainty, glean exclusive insights on how to navigate the shifting market landscape and keep your wealth portfolios resilient with the Barbell Strategy. Find out which key opportunities will put you in good stead for the year ahead.


Future-proofing your Investments: The Global Hunt for Yield

With 23% of the world’s Global Investment Grade space negative yielding and growing along with risk free rates marked to continue falling in G-3, hear from our experts, Ms Audra Seah (Head of Investment Advisory and Capital Markets) and Mr Jason Low (Senior Investment Strategist, Chief Investment Office) and uncover incisive insights on the market today – and where investors, like yourself should look to for yield as they future-proof their investments.

Open the doors to opportunities in S-REITs in 2019

Despite global market volatility, Singapore REITs (S-REITs) continue to be a safe choice given its stability and steady income growth profile. Investors can expect to continue seeking safety in S-REITs given its stability and steady income growth profile


Impact of Biases on your Investments

Get valuable insights from our Head of Discretionary Portfolio Management, Mr Christophe Marciano, as he shares some of the common pitfalls when investing, and how you can stay head of market developments by considering bespoke solutions, such as Discretionary Portfolio Management.

2nd Half 2018 Market Outlook – Steer Through Rough Seas

Will the tit-for-tat in US trade with the rest of the world and growing political uncertainties in Europe end the nine-year bull market? Amid heightened volatility, we see new investment opportunities to engage in.

Jun’18 Singapore Property Outlook – En bloc fever and price gains

With the enbloc sentiment still seemingly feverish, how should investors be positioned to benefit from the current wave of new buyers entering the market? How long will this cycle last and will land prices continue its uptrend? Catch our webcast to find out more as DBS Treasures Private Client seeks to bring you the latest updates on the property market.

1st Half 2018 Market Outlook – The Bull Ain’t Done

Despite the latest selloff in US and Asia markets, DBS Chief Investment Officer Hou Wey Fook does not think this heralds the start of a bear market. At the DBS Treasures Private Client 1st Half 2018 Market Outlook event in January 2018, we heard from Wey Fook and our Chief Economist Taimur Baig, as they shared their incisive views and comprehensive analysis of what’s ahead – interestingly themed, “The Bull Ain’t Done”. This view remains.


Sep 17’ Singapore Property Outlook – What Lies Ahead

As we observe the enbloc fever seemingly resurfacing, as well as an uplift in the market sentiments, find out what lies ahead for the Singapore residential property sector. Have we seen the bottom of the price cycle? Is the recent growth in sales volume sustainable? Will land prices maintain its uptrend?

Investment Outlook: Trump Truncated?

Join Jason Low, DBS Senior Investment Strategist, Chief Investment Office as he shares investment insights on the outlook for 2Q 2017, with a likely correction in global equities as doubts swell over Donald Trump’s ability to steer the US economy.

US Presidential Elections – What will the new era bring?

Uncover valuable investment insights shared by Jason Low, CFA, Investment Strategist from DBS Wealth Management, Chief Investment Office, on the 45th United States presidential election and its impact on global financial markets.