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Macro Insights videos and livestreams: featuring DBS Chief Economist Taimur Baig and colleagues from DBS Group Research team
Group Research01 Sep 2019


    Macro Insights Livestream:
    Recession worries and declining yields

    10 October 2019

    Despite the fog of trade war, global markets have remained largely free of setbacks in recent months.

    With the exception of a few cases, asset prices and liquidity conditions have been benign, aided by low rates and ample liquidity.
    But trade and growth momentum have slowed, investment uncertainties loom large, and geopolitical risks (From Brexit to Iran, from China-US to Japan- S Korea) are high. Come join us for our October Macro Insights Livestream, where you will hear about how to navigate the world of declining yields and position for growing slowdown worries. see more>



    Macro Insights Video:
    Five reasons why trade wars matter to India

    08 October 2019

    In our latest Macro Insights video, DBS Economist Radhika Rao discusses India in the context of trade war and investment outlook. see more>



    Macro Insights Livestream:
    Living with Volatility

    05 September 2019

    Volatility made a strong comeback in August, with markets and economies whiplashed by oscillating trade tensions. Flight to safety has materialised into surging gold price and soaring stock of negative yielding debts; China’s slowdown is exerting drags to global demand and inflation; USD remains strong; commodities are weak; geopolitical uncertainty is high. We take stock of all this, update our forecasts, and consider the 4Q outlook in our September Livestream. see more>



    Macro Insights Livestream:
    Will the Chinese Yuan weaken from 7 to 8?

    26 August 2019

    In our latest video, DBS FX strategist Philip Wee presents a model to estimate the impact of US tariffs on the Chinese yuan.
    Prolonged trade tensions are set to keep the Chinese yuan weak past its psychological 7 level against the USD. Labelling China a currency manipulator and the coming 10% US tariff on the remaining USD300bn of Chinese goods have brought the yuan a step closer to the 8 level. Much depends on whether US President Trump keeps increasing tariffs into next year’s US presidential elections. see more>



    Macro Insights Livestream:
    A Noisy Landscape

    06 August 2019

    A tumultuous July is behind us, marked by a historic Fed policy pivot, ultra-dovish guidance by ECB, re-escalation of trade war, unrest in Hong Kong, slowdown in China, looming Brexit deadline weighing in on the pound, and continued weakness in global manufacturing/trade. see more>



    Macro Insights Video:
    The Dark Matter of Trade 

    11 July 2019

    On July 2018, as part of the DBS Asian Insights conference, we made a presentation on trade wars.
    Today, the presentation seems as current as then. see more>



    Macro Insights Livestream:
    A Gathering of Doves 

    01 July 2019

    Our regional equity strategists discuss a variety of topics. see more>



    Macro Insights Video:
    Vietnam – The rising star 

    25 June 2019

    Vietnam is coming of age. see more>



    Macro Insights Video:
    Global Macro Risk Dashboard

    13 June 2019

    We present a set of indicators to capture global macro risks. They track economic momentum, event risk, market stress, asset valuation, and supply/demand imbalance, and flag potential pitfalls ahead. see more>



    Macro Insights Video:
    Summer of Discontent 

    31 May 2019

    Our regional equity strategists discuss intensification of trade war and a China/US decoupling scenario, and other topics. see more>



    Macro Insights Video:
    DBS Macro insights video on our ETF strategy 

    13 May2019

    Our regional equity strategist Joanne explains how an investor can own the world with 10 ETFs. see more>



    Macro Insights Video:
    DBS Macro Insights: Sing Dollar - What's it all about

    05 May2019

    FX strategist Philip Wee provides a succinct overview of Singapore dollar’s role in monetary policy, as well as the currency’s drivers and outlook. see more>



    Macro Insights:
    Heating up, again 

    30 Apr 2019

    DBS Macro Insights Livestream - China stimulus, credit risk, oil, India outlook. see more>



    Macro Insights Video:
    China stimulus tracker - A one-year report card

    09 Apr 2019

    Taking stock of China’s fiscal and monetary stimulus so far, DBS' Chief China Economist Chris Leung shares the bank's view on the growth outlook. see more>



    Macro Insights Video:
    From Trade War to Tech War 

    04 Apr 2019

    Implications of China’s electronics supply chain shifting partially to the rest of Asia. see more>



    Macro Insights:
    Subdued Economies, Buoyant Markets 

    02 Apr 2019

    A 45 minute session covering G3 Monetary policy, Growth outlooks, Trade wars, Brexit, Elections, and more. see more>



    Macro Insights Video:
    FOMC meeting and implication for assets 

    25 Mar 2019

    Another Macro Insights video, in which DBS Chief Economist Taimur Baig discusses the latest FOMC decision with our rates strategist, Eugene Leow. see more>



    Macro Insights Video:
    India's Economies and Markets Around Elections 
    05 Mar 2019

    In this video,Taimur Baig, DBS Chief Economist, interviews our India economist, Radhika Rao, on how various aspects of the Indian economy and markets tend to behave around elections. see more>



    Macro Insights Video:
    Nowcasting the GDP of China, India and Singapore 
    27 Feb 2019

    We use our in-house data-driven model to “call” the GDP of key economies long before the official release. see more>



    Macro Insights Video:
    Singapore Budget 2019 - Key takeaways 
    20 Feb 2019

    Hear from DBS' Singapore economist Irvin Seah on the key takeaways from the 2019 Budget. see more>


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