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Affordable premiums


Flexible policy options to access policy value1 in times of need


Receive bonuses


ManuInvest Assure is an insurance plan that gives your investment and wealth accumulation needs equal love and care. This plan comes with an investment-linked component, ManuInvest Assure – Advantage (MAAD) and a participating component, ManuInvest Assure – Secure (MASE).

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Features & Benefits

Affordable premiums

  • Start saving and investing from as low as S$2062 per month

Flexible policy options

  • Option to exercise regular income drawdown1; or
  • Fully or partially cash-in MASE3 and continue with MAAD; or
  • Cash-in both MASE and MAAD and terminate the policy
  • Premium Flexibility Benefit4 allows you to take a break from paying premiums for up to 48 months, depending on your chosen Premium Payment Period
  • Ad-hoc premium top-ups5 are allowed


  • Receive a Welcome Bonus6 in the first policy year
  • Receive Loyalty Bonus7 every policy year from the end of your chosen Premium Payment Period

Easy application

  • Guaranteed acceptance with no medical check-up required


  • Be covered against death and terminal illness till 99 years old8
  • Premium waiver upon Total & Permanent Disability8

How it Works

The values in the above illustration are rounded off to the nearest dollar, and based on illustrated investment rate of return of 8% p.a. for MAAD and 4.75% p.a. for MASE and a 1.25% p.a. fund management charge.

Based on an illustrated investment rate of return of 4% p.a. for MAAD and 3.25% p.a. for MASE and a 1.25% p.a. fund management charge, the values are: At the end of the policy year 50, Total policy value: S$59,363, Guaranteed Value (MASE): S$26,105. At the end of policy year 74, Total policy value: S$119,621, Guaranteed Value (MASE): S$62,112. Total potential return: S$113,363, 262% from total premiums paid.

All non-guaranteed values in the above illustration are subjected to the distributions and performance of the chosen ILP sub-funds and the participating fund.


How to Apply

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1 Partial withdrawal made during Premium Payment Period is subject to partial withdrawal charge. Partial withdrawal and regular income drawdown will reduce the coverage and policy values.
2 Minimum monthly premium for 10-Year, 15-Year and 20-Year Premium Payment Period.
3 Full or partial surrender on MASE is allowed only after Premium Payment Period and will reduce the MASE sum insured and and total cash-in value of MASE accordingly.
4 Premium Flexibility Benefit refers to the total amount of regular premiums applicable to MAAD that can be missed without incurring a premium shortfall charge. This benefit starts from policy year 3 until the end of the Premium Payment Period, subject to a maximum limit of 1 year of annualised premium for 5 years Premium Payment Period, 2 years of annualised premium for 10 years Premium Payment Period, 3 years of annualised premium for 15 years Premium Payment Period, and 4 years of annualised premium for 20 years Premium Payment Period. MASE will remain in force as long as the MAAD account value is sufficient to deduct any missed MASE premiums (i.e. in the form of deduction of units).
5 Ad-hoc premium top-ups will not qualify for Welcome Bonus.
6 Only applicable to MAAD. The Welcome Bonus percentage varies in accordance with the premiums and Premium Payment Period, payable in the form of additional units. The bonus will be credited into your policy in the first 12 months upon receipt of each regular premium paid into MAAD.
7 Only applicable to MAAD. Policy must be in force as at the date of units allocation and no partial withdrawal has been made within the preceding 12 consecutive months from the date of loyalty bonus declaration for any policy year.
8 Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to Product Summary for specific definitions.

This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Information is correct as at 5 April 2020.

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