Help your child handle school stress

School can be stressful for some children. It can be caused by reasons such as difficulty in learning or getting along with classmates.

handle school stress

Here are some symptoms that may indicate that your child is under stress:


  1. Throws tantrums or cries more frequently
  2. Withdraws from activities
  3. Expresses anxiety
  4. Changes in appetite or sleep patterns
  5. Pretends to be sick
  6. Refuses to go to school


Here are 10 ways you can help him or her cope:
set the mood right for your child

Keep calm

Mornings are important as they will set the mood for the day. Make sure your child has enough time to get everything ready before he or she leaves for school.

ensure your child sleeps well

Sleep well

Make sure your child sleep well. Children with enough sleep are less likely to be irritable and able to cope better in school.

start a conversation with your child


If you sense that your child is feeling stressed after school, try starting the conversation by asking about his or her day.

find out from their teachers or other parents


If your child is not opening up to you, attempt to find out more from other parents or the teachers who know him or her.

engage them in enjoyable activities


Have your child practise deep breathing exercises or engage in enjoyable activities such as drawing to calm his or her nerves.

increase family bonding activities

Cut down

If your child is stressed because of homework, try to cut down on other activities. Use some of the freed up time to help your child de-stress or go for family bonding activities instead.

talk to your child


If you had a stressful day at work, talk to your child about what made you upset and how you are going to handle it positively. This way, he or she can learn from your example.

inspire your child

Be positive

Do not talk negatively about homework or teachers as your child may cultivate adverse feelings towards them. Talk to the teacher personally about these problems if necessary.

limit gadget usage

Limit technology

Cut down on your child’s use of the computer or iPad. Research shows that excessive screen time can lead to problems such as poor concentration, which can increase stress. Engage him or her to do something active such as taking an evening walk or jogging instead.

engage a counsellor

Get help

If you find that stress is affecting your child’s ability to function, you may want to engage a counsellor to help him or her cope.

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