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Singapore Property Outlook • 18 Sep 2017

As we observe the enbloc fever seemingly resurfacing, as well as an uplift in the market sentiments, find out what lies ahead for the Singapore residential property sector. Have we seen the bottom of the price cycle? Is the recent growth in sales volume sustainable? Will land prices maintain its uptrend?


US Presidential Elections • 11 Nov 2016

Uncover valuable investment insights shared by Jason Low, CFA, Investment Strategist from DBS Wealth Management, Chief Investment Office, on the 45th United States presidential election results and its impact on global financial markets.


Asia in a low-growth world • 30 Aug 2016

Multi-Asset Fund Manager, Pang Kin Weng shares his views on the opportunities in Asian equities and fixed incomes in the current low-growth and deflationary environment of the current global economy.


How to minimise & take opportunistic risks with the use of ETFs • 24 June 2016

DBS Regional Equity Strategist Joanne Goh and DBS Vickers Securities Equity Product Manager Jedrick Goh share their views on global markets and discuss the various ETF strategies that can help investors minimise as well as take opportunistic risks.


Asian Equities: Identifying investment opportunities during uncertain times • 21 Mar 2016

Veteran fund manager Ng Soo Nam shares his experience manoeuvring market uncertainties. He examines the opportunities and downsides of China’s economic slowdown and Asian market volatility.


Online Investment Seminar: Second half, 2015 Market Outlook • 9 Jul 2015

DBS Senior Investment Strategist Manish Jaradi discusses the rise in global equities due to zero-to-negative interest rates, how shifting dynamics in monetary policies have made Europe and Japan leaders, and what it means for equities, commodities and currencies.


Estate and Legacy Planning • 25 June 2016

Aprikot Knowledge’s Chief Executive Officer Mr Suraj Mishra and Manulife Singapore’s Head of Product Development Mr John Parker, discuss how wealth and legacy planning can be customised to ensure continuity and protect your wealth for the next generation to make sure distribution is kept to your wishes.


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