Types of Account

Investing with SRS Funds

The Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) allows you to save for your retirement and reduce your income tax.

investing with srs

When you invest your SRS funds through DBS Vickers, you'll have access to a range of investment products including shares and ETFs to give you potentially higher returns on top of tax benefits.


  • Earn potentially higher returns on your SRS savings.
  • A diverse range of investment products including selected Singapore listed shares, unit trusts, ETFs and Singapore Government securities.
  • Tax relief when you make contributions to your SRS account.
  • Tax-free investment returns; only 50% of the amount withdrawn from your SRS account at or after retirement age is taxable.

How to Apply

  • You'll need an SRS Account set up with any SRS agent banks. Open an SRS Account with DBS/POSB.
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  • Provide us with your SRS Account agent bank and account number.
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