Types of Services


A convenient, hassle-free way to automate the settlement of your share transactions.

Just one simple setup process and your sale proceeds or payments will be transferred to and from your designated bank account.


GIRO is a convenient way to make any payment that’s due on a regular basis (such as bills). GIRO is a great way to settle your share transactions. Simply designate a DBS or POSB bank account to set up GIRO, and payments are automatically debited and proceeds are automatically credited.


  • An automatic way to debit payment from and credit sale proceeds to your designated DBS/POSB bank account.
  • Peace of mind and convenience: never worry about missing a payment or waiting in line to pay.
  • Prompt receipt of sale proceeds: get your cash into your bank account promptly.

How to Apply

  • Apply via iBanking
    1. Log in to DBS/POSB iBanking account
    2. Click on Pay -> Add GIRO Arrangement
    3. Select "DBS Vickers Secur" as your billing organization
    4. Indicate your Vickers trading account number under bill reference
    5. Click on “Submit”

    Log in to iBanking
  • Apply via DBS Vickers online trading platform

    Log in to DBS Vickers online trading platform and proceed to My Account > Account Management > Payment Facility for EPS/GIRO. Application status will be notified by post.

    Log in to DBS Vickers
  • Complete the Payment Facility form and mail in to us via the enclosed Business Reply Envelope.

    Application for payment facility takes approximately 2-3 weeks to process upon receipt of the completed application form.