Important Notices

Update on Specified Investment Products – TR Qualification Status

From 1 July 2013, Trading Representatives (TRs) who are not exempt or have not passed Module 6A of the Capital Markets and Financial Advisory Services (CMFAS) examinations have to confine their dealing activities to only Excluded Investment Products (EIPs). They are not permitted to deal in Specified Investment Products (SIPs).

If you require the assistance of your TR (should you use one) for trading in SIPs and trading-related needs, please check with your TR whether he/she may provide you with such assistance. If your TR is not exempt or has not passed Module 6A, he/she will inform you accordingly.

The above will not affect you if you perform your SIP transactions on a self-directed basis via DBS Vickers online platform and require no assistance from a DBS Vickers trading representative.

For more information, please refer to press release from Securities Association of Singapore.

DBS Vickers Securities
27 June 2013